WakeVoice FAQs

[toggle title=’Speech synthesis is not working’]
1. Check that « Speech synthesis » checkbox is enabled on each alarm that you use.
2. Launch a test on the speech synthesis in WakeVoice settings. To do that, go into « Speech synthesis (TTS) » menu and then click on « TextToSpeech test ».
If all is working fine and if you are already hearing the speech synthesis voice, increase the value of « TTS time offset » setting (some devices need more initialization time than others). Then, try again speech synthesis by triggering an alarm.

[toggle title=’My alarm is not triggered’]
1. If you have enabled the proximity sensor, be careful that nothing is detected upon waking (cover, device face down …). Indeed, in this case the alarm stops instantly and do not have time to ring.
2. If you are on Android KitKat (4.4.X) and if you had a WakeVoice version between 5.0 and 5.2.3, it is possible that an issue affected you. This has been fixed from version 5.3 for all created or modified alarms from this moment. For older alarms, a reset is needed by doing a simple « switch off » and then « switch on » on these alarms.

[toggle title=’How can I select what I want to hear at wake up?’]
Go into WakeVoice settings then click on « Speech synthesis (TTS) ». Click then on « Speech data options » and select what you want to hear.

[toggle title=’My radio does not play’]
Go into WakeVoice settings then click on « Morning data » and then on « Radio ». Once you have selected your radio, click on the test button and check that your radio is playing (in the volume settings you can make the sound louder if you prefer). If the radio stream is down or if there is an issue with it, you will see a notification alerting you.
Unfortunatelaty, WakeVoice depends on free radio streaming links found on Internet. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email (support@adnfx.com) if you have radio links to add in the app.

[toggle title=’Weather forecast – How to change the city?’]
Go into WakeVoice settings then click on « Morning data » and then « Weather » and finally « City » to set the city of your choice.
You could also enable the « Geolocation automatic update » to update the city at each WakeVoice launch.

Still having an issue? Go into WakeVoice settings and contact us by email through the « Contact us / Issue report » menu.

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